Happy Thursday Everyone

I’m Coach Terry, Coach @erieshoreathletics

This is where I am now but the journey is the best part. We talk a lot about our journeys at ESA. Each person has unique life experiences that led us all together. Here’s part of mine…

I’ve always wanted to be a coach. The old saying “those who can’t do teach” rings true. I have always wanted to be a professional athlete in some capacity. I had two sports I was really good at but I lacked focus and vision as a teenager and before you know it I had given up on myself and moved into the working environment of life.

I spent hours going to school to become a paramedic and work in the field! I truly enjoyed my work on the ambulance and in the ER as a Tech.

My journey continued and I fell in love with fitness and I started training more seriously around 22 years old! That led me to question many things….

That’s all for now!

Coach Terry


Let’s not forget our reason…..

💢 Your reason to try, to get knocked down and keep getting it up. 💢 What is the reason??? Your ‘Why’ Motivates You. Any kind

Monday Vibes

Monday Vibes 🤩🤩🤩 It was amazing getting back into what I’ve done for over a decade! I COMPETE … Our bodies are changing, that is

Just the Tip Tuesday—

More about Carbs — The healthiest sources of carbohydrates—unprocessed or minimally processed whole grains, vegetables, fruits and beans—promote good health by delivering vitamins, minerals, fiber,


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