Happy Friday 11/17/2023

Happy Friday — 

When is the last time you have challenged yourself and held yourself accountable???

I don’t know much but I do know that when I set goals and focus on them it centers me a bit more. We use SMART goals, you all know the acronym:

S= Specific 

M= Measurable 

A= Attainable 

R= Relatable 

T= Time 

Personally I believe when you set these kind of goals with a coach you have so much more going for you. Success is best when shared with others. 

This life is hard but thats also what makes it sweet. WE will not always win and WE will not always fail. WE learn, WE grow, WE KEEP GOING……

Yes we all need days on the couch that we just do nothing and wallow in our sadness. I almost had a day like that recently. True Story, I was on the couch and my kids weren’t home from school yet, I didn’t want to cook anything or make any snacks. I had a little headache probably from dehydration. As I laid there thinking and worrying about all the things I HAD to do I received a text from a friend that needed help at his house. I knew I was going to help him but I didn’t want to at that moment….. I picked myself up and took my kids with me and we went to work, took about an hour but the feelings I had when done were impossible to beat. I felt refreshed, I felt invigorated, I was back!!!! 

The challenge or goal doesn’t have to be lofty everyday, we dont have to PR in the gym all the time. Sometimes the goal is just get off the couch and do something for someone else. 

I challenge you to help someone this holiday season, even if that person is you! 


Coach Terry



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Consistency will get you farther than Motivation- 🛗 “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.”


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