Just the Tip Tuesday

Just the Tip Tuesday –

I love you… I want what’s best for everyone.. This love and desire for everyone to reach their potential I know is a losing game in the long run. I know that I simply wont be able to inspire or motivate everyone to reach their goals.. That part sucks … a lot. 

People are people and things come up and life always gets in the way of our health goals, our financial goals and our personal goals. I get it, life is hard. One thing that I think we all can do better with would be personal accountability. When we make commitments to ourselves we need to hold them to the highest standards. The best investments we make are the ones we make in ourselves! 

Coaching is so much more than helping someone learn how to deadlift and do burpees! The accountability portion of being a coach means that sometimes as a staff we may need to remind you of your goals and the reasons you want to be successful. Remember it is always a place of love that were coming from! 

Let’s get better together! 

Coach Terry



Lifestyle – Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice.

Food is Fuel

Wednesday – Eat nutrient-dense foods- A healthy, balanced diet gives your body nutrients. Nutrients are like fuel for your body. They give you energy. And

Just the Tip Tuesday

Muscle is the Goal –  Building muscle is always the goal~  When we we work hard to build muscle we begin to help our lives


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