Just the Tip Tuesday 11/7/2023

Just the Tip Tuesday – 

Community –

Working out with a friend or group promotes a feeling of “we’re all in this together.” When you’re losing steam during a workout, others can help encourage you to power through. Challenging yourself and trying new exercises with others creates a sense of camaraderie and accountability. heart

Everyone has their reasons for going to the gym. Some like to break a sweat and bolt out the door, some want a longer escape so they can take their time, and others enjoy the camaraderie and sense of community they find with fellow fitness friends.heart

As working out becomes a regular part of your routine, it’s a huge bonus to enjoy the gym you go to. High end cardio machines and fancy colored plates are enough to get you in the door, but you really know you’ve found a gym that’s special when you can feel its sense of community.heart

Making friends at the gym has plenty of benefits. The enjoyment that comes with the sense of community when you start putting names to faces you see regularly around the gym, but you may notice your fitness levels improve as well. These interactions foster a strong community while also increasing the longevity and success of each person’s fitness goals.heart

Living a healthy life is more than just getting in as many reps as possible. Mental, social and emotional strength play an important role in your self-care as well. Getting the most out of the gym experience means finding a place that meets your needs on multiple levels — far more than the equipment it offers — and sees you as the individual you are, free of judgment and full of support.heart​​​​​​​

Coach Terry


Just the Tip Tuesday—

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